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About Us

Empowering purity in each bottle

Sowjan Agencies are one of the premier mineral water suppliers in Madurai who help in bringing clean & ionized water into your homes and offices that keeps your healthy and hydrated. Sowjan Agencies we understand the need to consume clean water and hence our stringent purification process ensures that even 0.1 micron level impurities are purified. We have a stringent quality control measure in place to match our ISI labeling that abides by all safety and precautions making us one of the best packaged drinking water companies in Madurai.


We focused towards customer's satisfaction and their needs .We offering the best water taste and health benefits. We make the best efforts to provide timely delivery of packaged bottles. we take special care of our clients, distributors and vendors with various innovative schemes. Our large, well planned distribution network enables our customers to receive water on time on a regular basis, at your desired point of use.


Our quality department makes sure that the packaged water is of utmost quality, containing all the nutrients vital for a healthy living. Water testing at scientifically advanced laboratory of Bleu is done on the basis of following parameters and credentials:- Physical Parameters: To assess presence and quantification of various microorganisms and pollutants


Sowjan Agencies has certification from leading regulating bodies for controlling water and food quality in India. It has following certification of trust and quality from the agencies of accreditation and quality:- ISI, BIS. Our water purification process involves eight stages, which ensures expected effect of pure and natural water.

Sowjan Agencies in Madurai / Mineral Water in Madurai / Purified Drinking Water in Madurai